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Shipping & Delivery

1. Which locations do you ship?

We ship across India! After placing an order if you have any questions, concerns or customer service – one of our associates will be happy to help you – (0422-4379767).

2. What are the shipping rates?

As Signa Bags target India, we offer “Free shipping” for all our products.

3. What will be the delivery timeframe for my order?

Stock items generally ship from our organization within a business days and arrive within (3-4 days) business days once your order is received. (Business days are “Monday- Saturday“).

Please note: We try our best to deliver your products within the estimated timeframe.

4. I live in abroad; can I ship a gift to a friend in India via online?

Yes it is possible; you have to search through Indian Google Search, Shipping address will be Indian address

5. How can I track my order?

You can track via FedEx

Please note: It may take few hours for your tracking information to reflect details on FedEx sites.

6. When will I receive my order and what to expect once my order is placed?

  • i. You will receive an confirmation of your order via Email that will include an shipment dates based on delivery method selected when the order was placed
  • ii. Once the order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email about shipping. Please click on “Track Shipment” link in your email to receive the most up to date shipping information

7. How can I change or cancel my order after it has been submitted?

Need to make changes? We are here to help you!

You have 15 – 30 minutes to change or cancel your order once you placed.

What are the information can I change?

  • i. Shipping information such as name, address, phone number, city, country, region
  • ii. Product styles
  • iii. Add or remove products

What other information’s cannot be changed once you place an order:

  • i. Payment method
  • ii. Billing information such as name, address, phone number, etc.

To request changes to your order, you should contact customer service at 0422-4379767. Kindly be aware that your mode of payment might be re-authorized, if changes are made to your order.

8. If I’m having trouble with promotional code during checkout?

We are really sorry about this issue. Reasons may include,

  • i. Promotional code expired
  • ii. Requirements not met for special offer
  • iii. Other exclusions may apply

If you continue to have trouble applying a promo code, please contact us by phone at 0422-4379767.

9. Why was my order delayed or cancelled?

Signabags aim to keep the status up-to-date but occasionally there are some situations such as when an item may be out of stock and not apparent until the fulfilment process. This is due to maybe a damaged items, high volume, etc.

Reasons for cancelation may vary because it depends on order. They can be, but not limited to,

  • i. Quantity of items ordered
  • ii. Billing address and shipping address are not same
  • iii. How long the item was in shipping bag
  • iv. Types of item ordered
  • v. Address & telephone number in credit card account does not match with your bank account file

If any of these occurred then you must contact Signabags service @ 0422-4379767 for additional verification. Suppose if they not able to reach you then your order will be cancelled.

I have not received an Email regarding cancellation? Where will be my order?

  • i. If order got cancelled, then as a default you will receive an Email notification
  • ii. If not received check your spam folder, or maybe your inbox filled with messages, clear unwanted messages from inbox
  • iii. Still not received check email address in your order whether you gave right email address

After placing the order, why it was cancelled immediately?

  • i. Check your billing address or credit card information
  • ii. Double check the information also your credit card is up-to-date

If the information is right, then make sure your item quantity doesn’t exceed the limits set forth on product page.

Why my order receiving in multiple shipments?

Every time we make sure to ship items in a single time. But sometimes we might divide into multiple shipments. The reasons are,

  • i. Shipping direct from vendor
  • ii. Item availability

If your order has divided, we will send you a confirmation email,

  • i. Expected shipping dates
  • ii. Products expected to ship in each shipment

We will not charge any additional fee, because as always offer free shipping.

10. What happens once you receive my order?

  • Step 1: you will receive order confirmation Email. If you make changes you have only 15 – 30 minutes from the time you place your order
  • Step 2: it’s our turn; we will start packing your products and you will receive an email regards expected ship date, expected delivery timeframes
  • Step 3: as the product leaves our warehouse, we will charge the form of payment that you used when you order also you will receive shipping confirmation email.
  • Step 4: as we know that you will be eagerly waiting for your products arrival, you can check your order status here at any time!
  • Step 5: for exiting part! Within no time, your products will be delivered!

At Signabags, if you are happy, we also will be happy. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can exchange or return the products – we will accept it (in the span of 6 days from the order which you received).

11. I need more information on promotional codes

How can I get promo codes and special discounts?

Getting promo codes is as easy at Signabags, it is simple process

Simply sign up to get,

  • i. Promotional offers
  • ii. Email updates

Is it possible that can I apply more promo codes for my 1 order?

No, you can apply 1 promo code for every order

Where I have to add a promo code in my order?

You have to enter the promo code before checkout

Shipping Times

Order Received ByOrder Shipped ByExpected Delivery
SundayMonday4-5 business days later
MondayTuesday4-5 business days later
TuesdayWednesday4-5 business days later
WednesdayThursday4-5 business days later
ThursdayFriday4-5 business days later
FridaySaturday4-5 business days later
SaturdaySunday4-5 business days later

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Morning 9am – 6pm

6 days a week